Complete Biography

Casey realized early on that she had a passion for creative exploration and expression. She began with drawing, painting, ceramics, batik, macrame, and glassblowing in her youth . She later turned to the world of "service" as a waitress, bartender, and restaurant manager having fun with food and people. The next phase involved the world of creative financing, psychology, and business in a successful 18 year career as a real estate broker and property investor.

After a long roundabout, Casey has returned to visual arts focusing on monoprinting and painting. During her travels, in her backyard or internationally, Casey considers no "found" object too grand or too insignificant to express spirit and soul in the printing medium (the only challenge being the US customs folks & the printing press).

Primarily a self-taught artist, she's had generous guidance at Carol MacDonalds print studio, Burlington City Arts, Shelburne Art Center, Vermont Studio Center, Penland, and from Lisa F. Beach.

She has volunteered in the Art From The Heart pediatric program at the Fletcher Allen Hospital, Burlington, VT, has served on the board of directors for the Shelburne Art Center and the board of directors for Grounds for Heath, a precancer screening project in Mexico. She currently serves as a Trustee for the Vermont Commons School.

Her many passions inform her work. Between the balancing act of parenting, homemaking and art, Casey's passions extend to hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, gardening, cooking, reading, spiritual well being, yoga, her friends and the design in all things. . .

Casey was born in 1953 in Greenwich, CT, U.S.A. She lives with her coffee guy husband, Dan Cox, and their daughter, Julia in Shelburne, Vermont. Her artwork can be found locally, in private collections, and on web designs. You are welcome in her studio by appointment.

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